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Sports Massage


What is soft tissue massage?

Massage increases blood flow. Often in areas of the body where you have tension or a muscle spasm, the blood does not flow as well as it should. As a sports massage and remedial massage therapist I can locate the area - or often areas - that are not performing or moving as well as they might, and by increasing the blood flow through the particular muscle fibres I can aid your body's ability to heal. Lots of therapists claim to be able to do all sorts of things, but actually we enable the body to heal itself .

Sports massage works really well alongside your physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor, because the more healthy and supple your muscles are the more likely we are going to be able to sort out your issues. I get people from all walks of life coming to me - from professional athletes to retired school teachers often people with neck ,shoulder and back pain from sitting at a desk or in a car all day.


Have you ever woken up unable to turn your head? Or with sudden or chronic back pain, sciatic pain, tension headaches, teeth grinding, vertigo, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel or knee pain? Or is it just the stress of life making your body feel unable to move?

If you are a keen amateur sports person, sports professional, training for an event, or just trying to keep fit and loose some weight, then rewarding your muscles on a rest day to enable your training to be more effective, can increase your times, improve your performance and keep you injury-free making sure you can keep training pain free. 

I have used sports massage to treat hundreds of cyclists, runners, hockey players, horse riders, rugby players, footballers, tennis players, rowers, gymnasts, dancers, netball players  ........ the list goes on. But not only that - a large number of my clients are stuck at a desk all day, or in a car and unable to exercise like they used to. It is often the case that these people suffer more pain as we know exercise helps reduce pain, and regular massage can help free up the muscles so they can start to function properly again and achieving their goals.


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