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Level 5 sports remedial massage qualification.

Fully insured and first aid trained

A little bit about me 

As you can see I am a keen horse rider. I always have ex- racehorses. What interests me about them is you have to start right back at the beginning. Both mentally and physically they have to learn to move and think (once out of racing) in a completely new way. 

This is where I can link what I do with my clients to how I approach my horses. I think of it like a detective having to piece everything together to come up with a new picture.

As a youngster I was a runner competing at county cross country and 800 metres  (if I remember rightly my personal best was 2 min 18 sec at 13 years old).

I was fortunate to get assistance from the Actors' Charitable Trust to attend Millfield School up to 6th form, a school renowned for its sporting facilities.

Now 25 years later I work at Millfield School alongside the amazing in-house physiotherapists, treating some of the world's next sporting greats.

On leaving school I followed the rest of my family into the theatre where I trained and spent 25 years on stage. I performed  in the West End, around the country and around the world with companies like the R.S.C. (Royal Shakespeare Company), Shared Experience , the Orange Tree theatre and many, many more.

Why am I now a massage therapist? Well I have always given massages since I was at school and a jobbing actor. People always sought me out if they hurt their back, neck or shoulders, so when I started to gain more animals and going away to act was becoming harder, I thought I should train properly at something I enjoy. So I found the best course in the country with the highest level of training and here I am. 

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